Macau casinos are plagued by anti-smoking laws

Roulette, Game, Money, Casino, Las VegasChange is at the door of Macau casinos. Casinos are subject to non-smoking areas. In recent years, casinos in Macao have had a rebound in the face of this new law . As in most European countries, players are not allowed to smoke anywhere in these gambling establishments. And this has been accentuated since 2017. Indeed, the government is strengthening these anti-smoking regulations, from the 1st January 2018. The Macanese government grants the installation of smoking rooms outside non-smoking areas until 2019. Details of this bitter fight against smoking will be revealed below.

A substantial fine for a cigarette

Macau gambling dens follow the rules regarding smokers on their premises. Thus, casinos place non-smoking areas on their premises. However, the latter take care to separate these areas. Having said that, there are still rebels still committing offenses against the law. Macanese authorities recorded 262 crimes during the months of January and February. That’s a lot in two months. In addition, compared to the previous year, an increase of 188% is recorded. As part of this fight related to cigarettes, 138 inspections were implemented against 92 in 2017.

Poker, Cards, Card Game, CasinoMeanwhile, the Health Bureau closed ranks on health checks. Similar to last year, the number of warnings against those entering smoking areas with a cigarette has increased. Casino staff care about their health.

They want tobacco-related standards to be enforced by all. If by mistake, players ignore the guidelines imposed by gambling establishments, they will be fined 150 euros (1,500 MOP). The punters take the high price. This must have happened to the employees of Wynn Palace Macau. They mobilized for non-compliance with the anti-smoking code in the casino. It is well known, the cigarette becomes the best partner of play among the followers of gambling. Since smoking is not prohibited in VIP areas, the Macau government has decided that in early 2019, VIPs will be divided into smoking and non-smoking areas.