New law on gambling in Switzerland: the casino of Neuchâtel

Gamble, Gambling, Risk, Poker, CasinoFollowing the information, universal suffrage will be organized on the implementation of new legislation on gambling. This law is to establish better protection for players in the poker industry and other SG online casino offering paid entertainment options. With other casinos, that of Neuchâtel also supports the text.

Towards fairly strict regulations

The director of the Neuchâtel casino, Pascal Passarelli, declares that online gambling offers in Switzerland are mostly illegal. Indeed, there is no shortage of proposals arousing the interest of Internet users through bonuses and tempting rewards. In 5 years of existence, the establishment of Neuchâtel intends to change the situation by firmly supporting the new law which will lead to a more lasting and transparent development of the games available on the Net. In the years to come, the casino is fueling a project to create an internet platform dedicated to all of its customers.

The vote date for this new law is scheduled for June 10, 2018. It concerns and targets gambling such as poker, blackjack, slot machines and many others. According to the Federal Council, the standards should be similar to all operators on the market. The objective is also to block foreign 8ace casino gaming sites for the benefit of already existing local portals.

Chip, Cards, Card Game, Gamble, CasinoAccording to the government, this text provides many advantages and guarantees the fight against addiction as well as illegal activities. This means that the established rules will certainly be able to limit the risks associated with gambling practices. As for the opponents, they maintain that this law remains a direct attack on economic and information freedom. They also claim that this kind of blockage encourages many people to hijack the system and gamble illegally. For the Young Greens, the priority concerns preventive measures, which remain insufficient. In the end, three committees are opposed to this law including the Young Greens and an inter-party parliamentary group made up of Young PLR, UDC and Green ‘liberals.

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